SPOT – Local Network Meeting

We have officially started creating “Observatory” for our project “SPOT – Sportily Together” where we have discussed with representatives from different organizations about creating network of sport organizations in Croatia and share knowledge, skills and good practice examples, especially in the area of social inclusion.

Main goal was to discuss what we can bring in the network, positive examples of practice in society and how we can multiply those practices.

If you are interested in this topic, join us, we will continue creating “Observatory”, which is non-formal network of sport organizations.

Involving ecosystems from four European countries, SPOT builds a connection among international and local actors, carriers of complementary experiences in the social and sports spheres, in order to create a model for territorial-to-international cooperation aimed at the definition of a non-formal training offer addressed to coaches, educators, managers, and athletes willing to work for a deeper inclusion and integration in and through sport.

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