Inclusion through Sport – Study Visit

The Study Visit took place from 19th to 20th February 2022 in Zagreb, Croatia and it was coordinated and implemented by Finswimming team Komet. Study Visit is within the framework of the project “Inclusion through Sport”. #IxS 

Inclusion through Sport (IxS) is a European project that aims to promote the social inclusion of people belonging to ethnic minorities, with a family history of migration and/or immigrants, through sports activities.

The main objectives of the Study Visit were to visit, in-person 2 good practices examples where sport is used as an inclusion tool and to prepare the next activities of the project between the 4 partner countries (Spain, Croatia, Italy and Germany).

Once the project has been developed, we consider that sports professionals are trained and have acquired the competences to develop their social initiatives and/or projects for inclusion, being agents of social change.

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