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Mermaids for Inclusion’ advocates for finswimming in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. It aims to advance gender balance and harmony among different ethnic and religious groups. Learning from Croatia and Greece, the project uses sport to cultivate an inclusive environment.With the charm of mermaids and thrilling speed, finswimming holds great potential as a social unifier.

Enhancing Health and Physical Activity Rates through Pentathlon (EHPARP) aims at employing Pentathlon as a tool of promoting health-enhancing physical activity among the European youth and adult populations as well as providing dual career opportunities to Athletes in the individual disciplines forming part of Pentathlon practice who will be empowered as Coaches/Trainers in their disciplines and in comprehensive programmes of Pentathlon for an adult and a youth audience.

Inclusion through Sport is an 18 months long Erasmus+ Sport Small Collaborate Partnership project, that aims to promote the inclusion of people belonging to ethnic minorities, who have a familiar history of migration and/or are immigrants, through sport, that is used as a socio-educational tool for social transformation. So far we have implemented Coordination meeting, International Seminar and Study Visit (more information on links).

The SPOT project focuses on merging two areas of knowledge together: Sport and Social Inclusion. The aim of the project is to create networks that can raise a profitable debate on the themes of inclusive and integrated sport, tackled from different perspectives.

We have started to created “Observatory” on our Local Network Meeting.

The project “Aurora Adriatic – E-learning for Sport Careers” focuses on education of athletes, sport operators and volunteers in the fields of nutrition, sport psychology, internal administration and external relations. A learning-by-doing teaching approach, delivered by members of Partner organisations and external collaborators, together with an innovative open-source interactive e-learning platform, a boot camp and a traineeship in a sports organisation will allow participants to build the bases for a successful Dual Career.

As a part of the SPOT project the 1st Transnational Meeting in Bled was implemented by one of the partners Akademija Rudi Hiti (Slovenia) from 16 to 18 of July 2021.



During the project Aurora Adriatic the 1st Transnational Project Meeting in Zagreb was organized by Finswimming team Komet on 18 of July 2021.



The International Seminar took place from 13th to 16th October 2021 in Malaga, Spain and it was coordinated and implemented by Iniciativa Internacional Joven, a coordinating organization in the project “Inclusion through Sport”. #IxS


The Study Visit took place from 19th to 20th February 2022 in Zagreb, Croatia and it was coordinated and implemented by Finswimming team Komet. Study Visit is within the framework of the project “Inclusion through Sport”. #IxS

Past Projects

The project “Aurora – Sport. School. Life.” aims to develop and promote a strong culture and ethics based on principles of good governance, and to implement those principles in everyday functioning of sport clubs in Europe.

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